Partners from 6 EU countries – CESIE (IT), The Smile of the Child (GR), “Hope For Children” (CY), Sexual Violence Centre Cork (IE), Gender Alternatives (BG), Westminster City Council (UK) – come together to work on prevention of sexual violence/harassment, and on promoting change in violent behaviours against women through online educational tools.

The project raises awareness on gender stereotypes and sexualization of women in digital media. Targeting young people (aged 14 to 18 ), CONVEY aims to educate on gender stereotyping and sexualisation in digital media, using a simulation game to promote gender equality, sexual education and digital media literacy.

CONVEY’s objectives are to:

  • Develop peer-to-peer approaches to education and awareness-raising on sexual violence and harassment against women by training young people on the effects of gender stereotyping and sexualisation in digital media;
  • Educate and contribute to behavioral change of young people in the field of sexual violence, harassment and gender stereotyping by developing an educational simulation game and a pilot creative program of gender equality and sexual education, critical digital media literacy;
  • Foster the respect of women’s rights and dignity in schools through a train-the-trainer program for teachers on the prevention of gender stereotyping and sexualisation in the digital society
  • CONVEY is a project funded by the Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme of the European Union.