CESIE is a not for profit European NGO established in 2001, based on the experiences of sociologist Danilo Dolci. Following Danilo Dolci’s example, CESIE advocates the promotion of a non-violent and equal society, and deems education and training as the main instruments towards this objective.  The organisation works to promote cultural, educational, scientific and economic development at a local and international level using innovative and participatory approaches.

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"Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center

It is an independent humanitarian institution that operates in Nicosia, Cyprus. Established on the basis of standards and principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and European Union law. Hope for Children is working in the humanitarian and development policy, which is important for advocacy and promotion of children’s rights through research, design and implementation of basic programs and advisory services to governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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The Smile of the Child

“The Smile of the Child” is the largest internationally recognized non-profit, non-governmental Organization in Greece in the critical field of child protection, support of children and families with children in need, as well as free public health service for children, both in prevention and treatment.

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Westminster City Council

Over 10 years’ experience in tackling of sexual violence, policy actions and mainstreaming

Sexual Violence Centre Cork

Leading centre for protection of victims of sexual violence, social campaigns, dissemination activities

Gender Alternatives

The Gender Alternatives Foundation (GAF) is a non-government organization which was established in 2011 by a team of professionals engaged in the promotion of women and girls’ human rights. We are based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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Associate Partners

Bulgarian Red Cross

Humanitarian activities, support and assistance to vulnerable groups, trainings and capacity building of population

Instituto Comprensivo Educativo Maria Adelaide

Increasing awareness on gender education and gender violence in schools